“We have become…


“We have become a nation of wage-earners and consumers who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

One Nation under Who?

It baffles me how the unity of this nation is the exact thing that has created a division. it seems as if everybody is off doing their own things, with no concern about the ones that are in the position to control our everyday lives! How far will we have to go before we come together and take back a country that belongs to us? If we wait too long it might be too late. 

Feeling down?


Well you see I got this pick-me up,
He told me if I trust in him then all things would come align,
He would take me to places I never dreamed of, could it be a sign?
No extra,
No tax,
Take me back to where my grandmothers lacked;
Feed the hungry, raise the poor,
You can’t hold me down no more
Because these chains released something beneath me
It’s not meant to tease me
Just step back
Let this moment hit
One track
And it’s back, just like that


A gold mine can be CREATED in our very own Backyards

Uses of the hemp plant fiber itself are numerous. It can be made into rope, paper, clothing, canvas, eaten as a food, and its seeds can be used for fuel. It’s also good for the planet. A study by McGill University in Canada estimated that 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 million acres of industrial hemp would take care of all of our oil needs. In addition, unlike tobacco, which destroys the soil after every crop, planting cannabis actually improves it. It is legal in Uruguay, Peru, India, and even in Iran for it to be grown for food/fuel. Legalization of both hemp and marijuana would produce thousands of jobs, take care of world hunger, cut back on greenhouse gases, and help people cope with the pain of AIDs, glaucoma, and cancer. It turns out that getting “high” from it is just an added bonus.

You are just a visitor

This is the sad truth of life but the beauty in it still remains. We have the power to change something so critical and necessary to our life, yet we use what could be such an abundant resource to continue to drive earth into the black hole that is only speculated but is indeed the truth. We must save ourselves, others, and this planet that relies on us just as bad as we rely on it.

Searching for 25 years

As we all know we are just a temporary visitors with 100 years life time, We do not have rights to own any natural resources, Except relationship
Try building good relationship with other people and Our value of life is added

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