One Nation under Who?

It baffles me how the unity of this nation is the exact thing that has created a division. it seems as if everybody is off doing their own things, with no concern about the ones that are in the position to control our everyday lives! How far will we have to go before we come together and take back a country that belongs to us? If we wait too long it might be too late. 


Feeling down?


Well you see I got this pick-me up,
He told me if I trust in him then all things would come align,
He would take me to places I never dreamed of, could it be a sign?
No extra,
No tax,
Take me back to where my grandmothers lacked;
Feed the hungry, raise the poor,
You can’t hold me down no more
Because these chains released something beneath me
It’s not meant to tease me
Just step back
Let this moment hit
One track
And it’s back, just like that